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Tree of the Month – Sweet Chestnut | 23rd Jan, 2008

Although Sweet Chestnut is not an indigenous species, it was probably brought to the UK by the Romans and is a well-established tree in this country. Sweet Chestnut coppice is a common site in the South East of England. With some care and the use of mixed broadleaves Sweet Chestnut coppice can make an interesting habitat for animals and birds. Read more …

Never do anything without taking advice! | 23rd Jan, 2008

Should we fence our woodland?

Yes – a high mesh fence will keep out deer who nibble sprouting coppice, and also dogs, who disturb ground nesting birds. Read more …

What is Silviculture? | 23rd Jan, 2008

The Word package on my computer annoyingly underlines ‘silviculture’ as if it doesn’t recognise it as English! But really there is nothing mysterious about the term. The word is a label for all the activities and actions that make up the caring for, cultivation and growing of trees, woods and forests. Read more …


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