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Woodland Plants | 28th Aug, 2008

Now that we have a clearing in our wood, we are getting a lot more woodland plants in the wood itself, which is very exciting. We are having a great deal of difficulty identifying some of them though! Thanks to Patrick for telling me the one below is a Lesser Skullcap, a widespread, ancient woodland indicator.

I thought it would be great to have a small guide on the SWOG site of common woodland plants.

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Dormouse habitat competition | 25th Aug, 2008

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The wildlife charity People’s Trust for Endangered Species has launched a new competition for farmers and landowners to reward active conservation of hedgerows. These iconic features of the British landscape support a huge variety of native wildlife, such as the hazel dormouse and other vulnerable species, yet their decline is widespread. ‘Reconnecting the Countryside’ therefore aims to highlight the importance of hedgerows as both habitats and wildlife corridors, whilst celebrating the efforts made by the farming community to protect them for posterity.

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August Newsletter | 18th Aug, 2008

Here is the August Newsletter

– including information on training and events, our next meeting, and results of our shed survey.

Look inside this newsletter for training opportunities to help you ID this mushroom! And let me know what it is please… 😉

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Woodland Management planning | 12th Aug, 2008

Management planning overview:
By Alan Sage
These notes were prepared for a lecture over viewing the drawing up a Woodland ManagementPlan. They should be taken as such rather than as a comprehensive guide. By making themavailable on this web site it is hoped that they may provide some helpful pointers to woodlandowners in making their management plans.

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