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Taking care of dormice and butterflies | 29th Oct, 2008

One of the endless topics that woodland owners has is managing woodland for wildlife. Creating wildlife areas for one creature has an impact on another! Today I went for a walk with Steve Wheatley from Butterfly conservation and Ian White from PTES (dormice officer – great title!) to talk about some of the issues.

Mike and I have started to coppice along the rides, to let more light into the woods.

We started this with Butterflies in mind….
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October Newsletter | 28th Oct, 2008

The October newsletter is available here, if you didn’t get it – and it contains articles on hand tools, an update from Butterfly conservation as well as training courses.
Let me know if you would like the newsletter emailed to you

[email protected]

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Coppice harvesting efficiency – part 3 | 25th Oct, 2008

On the last day of the coppice course, David showed us loads of good tricks using ropes to assist with tree felling. It was much easier than I expected, quicker and safer- not to mention loads of fun pulling huge trees over with no effort! (Click here for part 1 and here for part 2.)

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This was a using a ‘figure of 8’

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Coppice harvesting efficiency – part 2 | 22nd Oct, 2008

Chainsaws can be pretty heavy tools and, as with any tool, if we use it incorrectly we can end up with very sore backs and arms. As I mentioned in the Part 1 – the most important thing we learned on this course was how to bench a log and land trees on it. Here are some pictures of Mike using a bench to land the tree,

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Coppice harvesting efficiency – part 1 | 18th Oct, 2008

Sounds technical doesn’t it?

Well, in many ways, it is! Mike and I have just been on a five day course with David Rossney of Esus Forestry and learned all kinds of new skills for coppicing.

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This post deals with the basics of coppicing.

Part 2 addresses chainsaw techniques, and Part 3 explains how ropes can assist the whole process.

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Fungi ID walk with Bryan | 11th Oct, 2008

The WoodNet fungi ID walk with Bryan Bullen was a fantastic day out! We most certainly will be doing that again.

Bryan is an excellent leader and full of interesting information on fungi and other related woodland topics.

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SWOG Meeting 8th November | 03rd Oct, 2008

Have you ever looked at a bat close up?

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Have you ever wanted to meet someone famous from Spring Watch (Dr Patrick Roper) and debate coppicing and biodiversity issues?

Do you want to ask Fiona the Forester lots of questions?

Then come along to our SWOG meeting in November.

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