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Advice on funding and training workshop, Kent | 30th Jan, 2009

Blean & East Kent Woodland Workers – workshop – funding and training opportunities, including:

Available funding and grants, £1K – £100K+
The new training subsidies and courses
Tackling the paperwork
Accessing business support and advice

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My new saw mill, by Adrian in Aberdeen | 28th Jan, 2009

I want to build everything from now on using wind blown wood , to that end I recently bought this ‘Alaskan mini mill’ to convert the wood to timber .

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Carmarthenshire biodiversity newsletter | 27th Jan, 2009

The biodiversity group in Carmarthenshire write an interesting newsletter. I have attached one to the website for you to see, and you can contact them if you would like it emailed to you.

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Dreaming in the wood, by Steve Smith | 26th Jan, 2009

We became the proud owners of our woodland at the end of May.
It has some deciduous trees, but the majority is coniferous, and much of the ground is steep. However it does have plenty of shape, some remarkable view points, and a few places that are suitable for tents.

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How to weave a hazel fence, by Toby | 22nd Jan, 2009

Woven hazel fences are fun and simple to make and are a strong, attractive alternative to mass-produced softwood fencing (boo)! Maybe one day they’ll become common in British gardens again giving a contemporary, valuable use for hazel coppice.
So get weaving.

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Better woodlands for Wales – grants | 21st Jan, 2009

The forestry commission in Wales has some new grant schemes to help improve woodland management in Wales

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A new way to dry firewood | 19th Jan, 2009

Martin took these pictures in Poland, a new way of stacking logs for drying!

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Rother buttefly conservation events 2009 | 16th Jan, 2009

Rother butterfly conservation are a very busy group organised by butterfly officer Steve Wheatley.

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Rother butterfly conservation events 2009

Which trees to plant? | 14th Jan, 2009

Many small woodland owners would like to extend the biodiversity in their woodlands – and one of the ways to do this is to plant different species of trees. But which ones?

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Woodland courses in NE Wales | 08th Jan, 2009

Courses on The Management of Small Woodlands

The Woodland Skills Centre in North-East Wales is running two weekends of courses this year for people who have bought a small woodland, who are hoping to do so or who are just interested in the topic.

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Butterflies in January | 05th Jan, 2009

Hi and Happy New Year from Steve

Please keep an eye out for butterflies in January.  On a sunny day there’s the potential to see Red Admiral, Peacock,(picture below) Small Tortoiseshell or even Comma.  It would be great if the first butterfly recorded this year was in the Rother area (although I didn’t actually see a butterfly until late March in 2008).

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Untanglish the jungle of jargon | 04th Jan, 2009

Puzzled by ‘pioneers’, lost with ‘layering’, left non plussed by ‘net discounted revenue’ or muddled by ‘mensuration’ ?

The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) has found a way to untangle the jungle of jargon and terminology that has crept into all areas of forestry, woodland and tree management with an updated version of its popular pocket-sized glossary Tree Terms.

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New courses with Alan Sage | 03rd Jan, 2009

Alan has a list of dates for new courses in Kent, that look very interesting! I did a basket weaving course with him and he is a patient, interesting and supportive teacher!

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