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May Newsletter | 30th Apr, 2009

The May newsletter has now been emailed to SWOG members. If you would like to receive it, please email me. You can access is online below:

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Grant funding helps coppice workers | 28th Apr, 2009

Primroses and violets are flowering and bumblebees buzzing, in what was until recently very dark and neglected Surrey woodland.

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Finding out about your wood: site, soils and plants by Peter Buckley | 20th Apr, 2009

At a recent SWOG meeting, Peter Buckley spoke with us about soil and vegetation. His presentation is also available in this article and some other material which you may wish to use alongside the script from the talk. Peter uses March wood (our location for the meeting) as an example wood for his talk.

Slow worm survey by Bev Lewis | 17th Apr, 2009

Have you seen this animal?
If so, you would be one of the lucky ones, slow-worms are very secretive animals. Although they look like snakes slow-worms are actually legless lizards.

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Small woodland owners and charcoal – by Gervais Sawyer | 15th Apr, 2009

It is a given fact that small woodland owners are committed to green and environmental activities, so why, I wonder, do they want to get involved in charcoal production? The economics, efficiency and pollution aspects really make no sense.

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Mare barrow by Ian Swaine | 14th Apr, 2009

I have built a traditional style mare barrow. The mare can carry almost 1/4 of a cubic meter, perhaps over 125 kg of logs, but this is very difficult to judge as the logs are very green. Although not ‘easy’ to push it is considerably faster and lighter work than carrying timber by hand.

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Photo competition winners and other entries! | 09th Apr, 2009

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Small mammal nests | 08th Apr, 2009

At the SWOG day in March, Debbie Bartlett brought some nests to show us. These are important to look out for when working in a wood, particularly the dormice nests.

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What is the monster? | 07th Apr, 2009

Sean and Sarah came across this fantastic creature under the charcoal kiln. Anyone know what it is?

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Our perspective | 06th Apr, 2009

Last week I was asked to do a presentation at the South East Woodland Forum (sounds posh eh?)  Thanks to Sean, who wrote the presentation, we were able to help others understand more about the owners’ perspective of owning woodland.

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