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My woodland in Wales, by Martin | 26th May, 2009

Definitely right place, at the right time and did the right thing.  If you cannot tell so far in that brief introduction – I consider the wood purchased in May 2000 to be a great place, a fantastic hobby and a truly great adventure. The initial recce ‘felt good’ – Mid Wales, quiet, accessible, damp and with positive imagination, a source of endless adventures, and then…

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Wildlife | 22nd May, 2009

Phil and Judy have sent us some wonderful photos that they took in a woodland in Sussex.

Four spotted chaser dragonfly

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Wales Biodiversity week 6- 14th June | 21st May, 2009

There is a whole lot going on in Wales in June, definitely a good chance to go to something interesting. One of the events is labelled ‘ owl puke and otter poo!

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A wood of your own! | 20th May, 2009

Richard has sent in some wonderful photos of his family enjoying the woodland -in the special way you can, when the wood is your own!

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Bees, nettles and turtles | 19th May, 2009

The Cartmarthenshire biodiversity newsletter is out, and you can read it here. It has some great information on nettles, bees, sea buckthorn and turtles, worth reading where ever you live! I have also added some information about Wales Biodiversity week.

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PAWS woodlands | 15th May, 2009

Plantations on ancient woodland sites, what to do?

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Chestnut Palings by Toby | 12th May, 2009

Here are some pictures of Aly using our paling machine.

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Flying in May | 07th May, 2009

Steve Wheatley from Rother Butterfly conservation has sent us an excellent guide of which butterflies are flying in May, to help in our identification.

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Meetings, walks and newsletters | 07th May, 2009

I get sent all kinds of wonderful publications and information on walks and events. Here are a couple of them. You will need to get in touch directly with the organisations if you are interested.

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SWOG meeting about butterflies | 05th May, 2009

Last weekend we had a butterfly ID and information day in woods near Rye. This was led by Steve Wheatley of Butterfly conservation. There are BC groups all over the country, well worth getting in touch with your local representative.

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