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The hatchet man | 30th Jul, 2009

Tim has been making hatchets!

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Blade tech knife sharpener- by Mike | 27th Jul, 2009

Tracy bought me a present when she went to Yorkshire, a blade tech knife sharpener. I think it is one of the coolest tools I have used in a long time.

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Who has been eating MY tree? (Part 2) By Martin | 26th Jul, 2009

The attached picture shows a small beech tree (approx 25cm at 1.4m). In an area dominated by sycamore, it is one of the few trees I wanted to retain in the long term, but I  fear it might not survive.

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Great Yorkshire Show | 25th Jul, 2009

SWOG and went to the Great Yorkshire Show in June. We had lots of free stuff to give away!

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Hedgelaying, coppicing and management courses | 24th Jul, 2009

There are some exciting new courses available in the SE for woodland owners.

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National school of forestry | 22nd Jul, 2009

The National school of forestry in Cumbria offers a range of courses.

You can read about the short and longer term courses, including chainsaw use, here.

National School of forestry courses

Planting bluebells | 21st Jul, 2009

Many woodland owners and gardeners would like to know more about planting blue bells in their woodland and garden. Peter Buckley has sent us some guidance on the topic.

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Woodland Insurance | 19th Jul, 2009

Finding the right kind of insurance for family woodlands has proven to be rather difficult. Thanks to Toby, who put us in touch with Beech Tree Insurance, we now finally have some more options. We now have the option to insure friends and family who are helping us in our woods, at a reasonable price.

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Fiona's wood -by Tracy | 17th Jul, 2009

Mike and I had a great time visiting Fiona in her wood recently.

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Great nut hunt – by Nida | 14th Jul, 2009

Hazel dormice are small, rarely seen creatures which live predominantly in our woodlands and hedgerows. Over the last century their distribution has shrunk due to loss of their woodland habitats, a decline in the use of traditional coppicing methods and the fact that unlike other small mammals they find it harder to recover their numbers quickly as they are slow to breed, tending to only have one litter a year.

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Poppies galore! | 13th Jul, 2009

Sean has sent us some amazing pictures of the poppies near his wood.

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SWOG Meetings coming up | 09th Jul, 2009

We have loads of opportunities to meet up over the next few months. Anyone else like to have an ‘open woodland’ day- especially in the North and Wales regions- get in touch with me.

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July newsletter and courses in Penrith | 06th Jul, 2009

The July newsletter is now out, you can download it from here if you didn’t get it by email.  We also have been sent some chainsaw and other courses from National School of Forestry, Penrith, details below too!

Nick sent us a photo of a painted lady caterpillar on a thistle leaf. (sorry, pic keeps disappearing, site problems!)

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A new woodland and a meeting | 01st Jul, 2009

 A new woodland! Sandal Farm (as they are known on the forum) sent us these pictures of their first day in their new woodland. Looks gorgeous!

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