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We need a tool store and a shelter – by Margaret | 29th Sep, 2009

A lot of woodland owners live next door to their wood, or just down the road. Most of us in the Small Woodlands Owners Group, however, have to get there by car, usually with a journey taking anything from twenty minutes to two or three hours. On a summer day, we can easily stow the family and the picnic into the car, with a couple of saws and a wild flower book, and when we get there we have plenty of time for a camp fire and a walk round.

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Log cabin building – by Adrian | 28th Sep, 2009

Here are a few photos from the log Building course on Knoydart. The sun came out to show the west coast of Scotland at its very best. It was fantastic!

Double Bubble scribing.
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Another design for making charcoal – by Trish | 25th Sep, 2009

After spending a day with Ben Law and attempting to help him and Brian lift the lid of the 6ft kiln, I just knew, much as we wanted to make charcoal ourselves, there was no way I could ever assist Brian with the heavy lifting.

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Open day in Alveote wood, N Warwickshire by Sarah | 23rd Sep, 2009

We are holding two Open Days from 10am to 4pm on Sundays September 27th and November 8th.  Alvecote Wood is 11 acres of ancient semi-natural mainly oak woodland in North Warwickshire between Polesworth and Tamworth.

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Firestick – by Adrian | 22nd Sep, 2009

At the Bentley wood fair we saw some amazing firesticks.

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Bentley Weald woodfair | 21st Sep, 2009

The Weald woodfair was as brilliant as always. I am told more than 12 000 people came through the gates and a lot of people were interested in buying woodlands and joining SWOG. If you are one of those people who visited our tent, we hope to hear from you soon! Email me if you would like to join our free group, love to hear from you.

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Confused plant | 16th Sep, 2009

Heather and Rod found this wood anemone flowering on the 11th September.

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Coppice course – Malvern | 15th Sep, 2009

Phil Hopkinson of Malvern Coppicing has just run another very successful coppice course.

Phil’s attendees clearly ate well!

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Round Pole Framing course | 11th Sep, 2009

Coppice wood college  in West Wales is running in Round Pole Framing course in September.

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RFS lots of links | 10th Sep, 2009

The Royal Forestry Society newsletter is out, with loads of good stuff in it.

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A wood that pays is a wood that stays- By Raina | 04th Sep, 2009

Sometimes, as Course Administrator for the Sustainability Centre, I get a little envious of our course participants. I spend a good part of my year arranging courses with our tutors, booking trips, writing up course details, sorting out equipment and lunches and telling people about the exciting things that have been set up.

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September Newsletter | 01st Sep, 2009

The September newsletter is out now. This time I have not emailed it out to everyone, to save time and bandwidth! Lots of people have email addresses that won’t accept a mass mail with an attachment which makes my life complicated.  🙂 Let me know if you prefer to have it emailed, and I will go with the preferred consensus!

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Compost corale, by Woodtroll | 01st Sep, 2009

Woodtroll has made a compost corale

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