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Combwell wood meeting – by Margaret | 24th Feb, 2010

The owners of Combwell woods in Kent recently had a meeting on woodland archaeology. The whole meeting was facilitated and financed by the High Weald Partnership, who support owners to work more closely together, and do more “management “, by which they mean coppicing, removing rhododendron, and actively encouraging the features which make it a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  The Partnership had commissioned Dr Nicola Bannister, a professional archaeologist , to guide us.

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RFS new courses | 22nd Feb, 2010

The RFS are putting on two new courses specifically geared for non – professional woodland owners.

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Dead hedging and overstood chestnut | 19th Feb, 2010

Richard has been using dead hedging to deter the tree thieves who were in his woodland.  He says it seems to be working.

It also makes a great habitat for wildlife!
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FREE! East Midlands Woodfuel Woodfair. | 18th Feb, 2010

Can’t get better than that?! Held on the 2oth and 21st March, this event is held at Top Lodge, Fineshade wood.

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Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust | 16th Feb, 2010

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust has a lot of good events in 2010.

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South Cheshire willow weaving courses | 14th Feb, 2010

Christine at Redstone Willows has sent us a list of her courses this year. They look wonderful – willow weaving is so much fun! Courses are £65 a day, including lunch and materials.

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Offcuts, Oxfordshire Newsletter | 12th Feb, 2010

Offcuts has a number of useful articles and snippets of information and events.

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Forestry Framework news | 11th Feb, 2010

This is a great newsletter, with some discussion on security of tools in woodland, grants and events.

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What Malcolm has been doing…. | 08th Feb, 2010

Malcolm has been building a small lodge house.

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Huntingdonshire Countryside events | 07th Feb, 2010

Kirsty sent me cialis 20 mg a list of the events in Huntindonshire that she thought might interest you.

(photo by Mike Pepler)

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Public rights of way – By Tracy Sutton | 05th Feb, 2010

Walking is Britain’s most popular outdoor recreation and it is popular with all ages. It is an excellent way to exercise for health, weight control, stress relief, to sharing experiences, to appreciate the local environment and to learn to understand how to look after it.

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South and West Wales Wildlife Trust events by Jo | 02nd Feb, 2010

The South and West Wales WLT has an amazing array of meetings on offer. From polecats to jellyfish to vultures!

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Newsletter February 2010 | 01st Feb, 2010

Here is the  newsletter for February – thanks to all who contributed. What is lacking? We need more from  woodland owners on what YOU are doing please! We love to hear from you.

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