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Rainwater Harvesting | 25th Jun, 2011

Many thanks to Craig who has shared with us his solution for harvesting water in his wood.

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Charcoal Making at Combwell Woods, Kent | 22nd Jun, 2011

Many thanks to Martin Keelor for the report and pictures of the recent charcoal burns at Combwell Woods in Kent.  In case anyone is still unaware of the issues, West Sussex County Council have put together a nice leaflet  explaining  why we should all be using locally coppiced charcoal on our BBQ’s this summer, (or did we already have our summer back in April, still at least the trees are thankful for their long awaited drink).

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Kent High Weald Partnership | 19th Jun, 2011

The Kent High Weald Partnership’s summer newsletter if available to download here.  There’s lots of information in it and a list of upcoming Events is also available here.

Lots more information on their website

Woodfuel Events – South Yorkshire | 15th Jun, 2011

The Forestry Commission   are running some woodfuel events in South Yorkshire as part of their work on the Activating Forest Owners project

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Coppice Week – Clog Making Course | 11th Jun, 2011

The Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group again held a very successful ‘Coppice Week’ on Ashdown forest.   There was a rich mix of courses to try your hand at, I took on a challenging two days with one of the last traditional hand made clog makers in the country.

Update on Phytophthora ramorum in Wales | 09th Jun, 2011

Please make sure you stay up to date with the Phytophthora ramorum situation, it is important even if you are not near an outbreak in Wales.


Here are the links to the most relevent FC pages General information EWGS guidance on regeneration grants Felling guidance

Download the Forestry Commission’s update here in pdf format.

Free Seminar – for Woodland owners, agents and gamekeepers | 06th Jun, 2011

Kent Downs AONB are running a  free half-day seminar on managing woodland for game and wildlife on June 23rd.  Places are limited so please book as early as possible.

Booking is via the Game & Wildlife Conservancy Trust:

By telephone – 01425 651 013 (Lynda Ferguson)

By email – [email protected]

Or via the web –

Please direct any questions  to Lynda Ferguson, the flier can be downloaded here.

June Newsletter | 02nd Jun, 2011

Another packed newsletter this month…

Photo courtesy of Mike Pepler

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