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West Weald Landscape Partnership | 27th Nov, 2011

Petra Billings had sent us the  Autumn edition of the West Weald Landscape Partnership newsletter.  This will obvioiusly be of particular interest for those in the south east, but there are still plenty  of interesting articles.

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Wilderness First Aid Course | 19th Nov, 2011

Thanks to Mike and Tracy who report on a really worthwhile emergency first aid course they have just been on.  Something that everyone doing potentially dangerous things in the woods really ought to consider.

I’m reliably informed that no limbs or body parts where actually removed from any of the participants!

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Concert for Trees | 14th Nov, 2011

Thanks to David Leslie for bringing to our attention  information about what looks like being a fantastic event in Edinburgh

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Dormice Monitoring | 07th Nov, 2011

Rodney and Heather  have supplied us with a fascinating report on their newly found fondness for dormice and the steps they are taking  to encourage them to flourish in their wood.

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