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News from the Royal Cornwall Show | 25th Feb, 2012

Leah Ugalde displays some of the trugs from the range of garden products made at the family-run sawmill.

Here’s a news update from the Royal Cornwall Show, there’s alot going on so if you live nearby or are visiting the area in June, it would be well worth clearing some space in your diary.

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Magical Moments | 23rd Feb, 2012

Here’s the reason why many of love our woodland, no matter what time of year it is, a magical experience is always there to be had.  Thanks to Greyman for sending us these  photos.  If you’ve got any you would like to share send them to me by email and I’ll put up a gallery. It would be quite nice to have page for each month as the seasons move on.

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Woodgas as Engine Fuel | 19th Feb, 2012

Here’s an interesting paper about using wood gas as an engine fuel.  Will it be a sustainable way of getting electricity, powering forestry equipment, even getting you to and from your woodlands!

Work in the Woods | 15th Feb, 2012

Here’s an opportunity for youngsters to get a foot start in a worthwhile career.  A three day ‘taster’ event for people over 17, to try green woodwork, woodland management and crafts.

Full details available on the flyer, download it here.

The Wildlife & Environmental Training Company | 10th Feb, 2012


Thomas Cavanagh has written to us with news of an exciting new social enterprise

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New Woodland Advisor for Surrey Hills AONB | 06th Feb, 2012

Sean Harrison has written to us with news of his new role as a Woodland Advisor for the Surrey Hills Areo of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  This will be of particular interest to those who have woodlands in or near this area.

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