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Building a New Old Barn part III | 27th Jun, 2020

Well this Barn project continues, albeit in fits and starts. I guess there’s never a good time to have a global pandemic as many of the medieval builders may also have found, however after 3 months of relatively little activity it’s nice to get back to being a bit more productive and pushing the project forward. Two years after putting in the footing and concrete slab the frame emerged, sat neatly on top of the brick plinth it now admires the view over the Hastings Ridge for the first time.

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Low Impact Milling in Small Woodlands | 08th Jan, 2020

Forestry can sometimes look like quite a destructive process. Felling on a large scale will often leave a site looking harsh and barren, scarred by the ruts and compaction left by the movements of huge machines. Read more …

SWOG visits Sylva | 01st Nov, 2019

It was a wet day and initially the introductions threatened to become bogged down in talk of SWOG bogs, or woodland loos, which are probably worth a whole workshop of their own. However, we were at Sylva to learn about woodland mapping, specifically the benefits of Sylva’s free myForest woodland management planning system. Read more …

SWOG day at Sylva | 30th Sep, 2019

SWOG members are invited to an exclusive day of activities at the Sylva Wood Centre, including a workshop in online mapping and a tour of the centre. Read more …

August Newsletter | 06th Aug, 2019

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SWOG Meeting at Flatropers, East Sussex | 31st Jul, 2019

In contrast to last year’s event at this beautiful woodland in East Sussex, the heavens opened and stayed that way for most of the guided walk around the reserve.  Despite the weather, Alice Parfit from the Sussex Wildlife Trust enthused the attendees, and no one left disappointed – only a little soggy. Read more …

Inside the National Forest | 09th Jun, 2019

The National Forest straddles an area of the Midlands, stretching across Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. Established more than 30 years ago, it is a post-industrial region that has been regenerated to become a sustainable and much-loved part of the landscape. Read more …

June News | 06th Jun, 2019

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Newsletter May | 06th Jun, 2019

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SWOG meeting, National Forest | 04th Apr, 2019

11 May 2019  11am–3pm
We are delighted that Daniel Small, Woodland Management Officer in the National Forest, is going to lead a SWOG meeting in the National Forest. Read more …

Woodfairs 2019 | 25th Mar, 2019

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Mosses in Nottinghamshire | 14th Feb, 2019

An Introduction to Mosses and Liverworts Notts Wildlife Trust
Saturday 23rd February at Rushcliffe Country Park Classroom, 11am-4pm.
Followed by two field sessions, the first of which is on 2 March Read more …

Are Small Woodland Owners missing a trick? | 28th Jan, 2019

The Royal Forestry Society has recently published Bringing woodland into management: The missed opportunities in England and Wales. This pithy report drives home the problems of woodland management in England and Wales. Read more …

RFS Winter Courses | 17th Dec, 2018

Back by popular demand!

The Royal Forestry Society has unveiled its 2019 training courses, with the tricky topic of Winter Tree ID kicking off the season on 22 February. Read more …

Managing pests and diseases – a chance to feed your views into policy | 07th Nov, 2018

Forest Research are working to provide Defra with evidence from different kinds of woodland owners and managers, including owners of small woodlands, about how they are/are not dealing with recent outbreaks of tree pests and diseases, such as ash dieback, and how they might be planning to deal with the threat of potential future outbreaks.

The information collected will be used by Defra and partner agencies to help develop policy options for tree health as the UK leaves the European Union.

Forest Research is planning a series of meetings around the country over the next couple of months. They will focus on the views of a specific group of woodland owners/managers.  Information about the meetings will be shared with stakeholders as they are organised. Group discussions will focus on managers of trees in the urban and peri-urban environment including owners and managers of small woods.

Bristol and Bath area.

Monday 26 November The Golden Guinea, Guinea Street, Bristol,7pm-9pm over a pie and a pint

Wednesday 28 November 12pm-2pm The Assembly, Old Market, Bristol, working lunch


Monday 10 December 10:30-15:00 the Oxford Martin School

For more information or to sign up to participate in either of these meetings please contact Bianca Ambrose on [email protected] or tel: 0777 587 0865

If you would like to participate by contributing your views but are unable to come to either of these meetings, please get in touch with Bianca as there may be other ways you could contribute.


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