Jun 04 Bird boxes – by Dave By Tracy

Here’s a picture of my first box made from the stihl website made from freshly cut beech.

Below is my 2nd attempt at a bird box from a large bit of freshly cut beech. It was going to be a present.
Unfortunately when completed I tried to lift it and it was way too heavy to lift off the ground. We attached it to a nearby tree, as it was too heavy to move far.
It has a 32mm hole and I was surprised when it was used by a pair of bluetits. I thought they used 26mm holes.
It is referred to ( by us ) as Monster box – which initially scared the children. They expected monsters not bluetits.
The photo was ‘teasing’ me as it was so heavy, but I was pleased it was used almost immediately.

There is a discussion on the forum about bird boxes and different ways of making them.  Tell us what you have made!

Here is one from Darren


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