Jul 27 Blade tech knife sharpener- by Mike By Tracy

Tracy bought me a present when she went to Yorkshire, a blade tech knife sharpener. I think it is one of the coolest tools I have used in a long time.

The two grey wedges are tungsten carbide, which is extremely hard and easily sharpens steel.

Here’s a billhook that needs sharpening:

To use the sharpener on a straight blade, you hold it firmly on a flat surface:

In this case the edge of the billhook blade also need reshaping first, and this is done by drawing the blade through the “V” between the carbide blocks at a 45 degree angle:

Then, to hone the blade you move the angle towards 90 degrees:

Finally, in this case, to do the curved part of the blade, you have to hold the billhook towards you and draw the sharpener over it:

One very sharp blade!


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