Jul 21 Planting bluebells By Tracy

Many woodland owners and gardeners would like to know more about planting blue bells in their woodland and garden. Peter Buckley has sent us some guidance on the topic.

Attached a list of native wildflower suppliers in the south-east – some of these are listed as kosher companies by Flora Locale, who are very keen to make sure that marketed wildflowers are of local provenance and responsibly sourced.  Suggest that your enquirers check out the Flora Locale website, and also bear in mind Plantlife’s position on bluebell bulbs (see their website too, and the attched pdf).  Just Googling ‘bluebell bulbs’ brings up a number of different outfits.

The English Cottage Garden is local to us and has a good reputation.  Bluebells can be grown fairly easily from seed, but my experience is that it takes 3-5 years before bulbs of flowering size are achieved!  I am less sure about where to source native daffodil bulbs, but checking out the websites of bigger concerns, e.g. Emorsgate or Landlife might help – I see that Shipton bulbs and Wildlife and Countryside Services in Wales do supply them. If you live elsewhere in the UK, these suppliers might be able to advice on other sources.

Suppliers in SE

Statement on the sale of bluebells

There is a discussion on this topic on the forum.  It would be worth knowing more about the legalities of exchanging seeds and bulbs before doing it!


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