Sep 20 Volunteering opportunity By Rich

Sarah Partridge from has written with news of an opportunity to volunteer in the making  of a shingle roof.
Dear All
We are making great progress with the shingle roof, but an extra pair of volunteer hands a couple of days a week would make all the difference.
Can you help? Or do you know of anyone who could?
Rough carpentry skills are helpful. It is a matter of making the oak shingles and sweet chestnut battens, then piecing together random sized shingles on equally random shaped battens. Are you up for the challenge? It is hugely rewarding, but not for perfectionists! This is an organic hand-made roof with lumps and bumps all of its own. Personally, I think it is the most beautiful and unique roof in Suffolk, but then I am biased.
Since Autumn is well and truly with us and will be shortly followed by Winter, it would be great to have the roof complete before the end of October.
So , if you are currently at a bit of a loose end – whether that be due to part-time work, unemployment, semi-retirement, gap year, or looking for creative work experience – please consider getting involved. If you live a distance away, I can offer board and accomodation at my house for a few days.
Above is a photo to show you where we’ve got to.
Please phone me on 077660-54042 if you are able to help. Or forward this email if you know someone who might be able to help.
many best wishes, Sarah
Sarah Partridge
OBee Community Interest Company
Building Traditional Skills


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