Jun 01 Woodgas stove by Mike By Tracy

We recently bought a fancy new woodgas camp stove. It’s brilliant!

It’s a WoodGas CampStove. What it does is “gasify” the wood, burning the gas produced in an efficient manner right under the cooking pot. Basically there’s a cylinder inside it that you fill with small sticks:

If you look carefully you’ll see some small holes at the base of this cylinder – these allow in a small amount of air to gasify the wood. Gasification means allowing the wood to partially burn, resulting in a mixture of gases, including hydrogen, methane and carbon monoxide (so don’t use it indoors). These are all flammable gases, and as they rise up the inside of the stove they meet with more air injected through a ring of holes at the top of it:

The gas mixes with this additional air and burns. Right above it sits your cooking pot, resting on a simple but effective pot stand:

The air is drawn in through holes around the the outside of the base of the stove, which encloses a small fan. In the picture below you can see the two power sockets for the fan (high and low speed), and the air inlet holes:

The battery pack contains two AA rechargeable batteries (I reckon my 3200mAh batteries will run it for over 15 hours), and you plug it into the high or low speed socket depending on how much heat you want out of the stove.

This stove burns very little wood, is light and easy to transport and very, very easy to light!

If you would like to see a demonstration video, visit Mikes blog for the link.


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