Jun 14 Woodland toilets- by Peter and Angela By Tracy

A topic close to every woodland owners’ heart.

Our composting toilet is simply  a chestnut framework bolted together to make a strong & portable stand that accommodates a proper toilet seat.  A 2′ hole is then dug in an oval clearing I have created, and the toilet placed over it.

Covering any deposits with a bare covering of soil and burning the loo paper as this, (surprisingly) doesn’t break down well, due to impregnated chemicals and otherwise leaves a soggy mess. This technique will allow the same area to be re-used only 5 weeks later, as it breaks down so well. By having an oval area you just dig another hole, move your portable stand over it and use until you have to dig another and rotate around. I am told you can actually grow vegetables over (human) manured ground although root vegetables apparently are not recommended but runner beans have been tried. Some of the advantages of several Woodlore courses (Ray Mears Company) !

What do the rest of you have in your woodland? I think we need a page of toilet photos 😉

You could also run a tree bog making course in your woodland – others pay to come and learn, and depending on how many come, you might get a free tree bog. Let me know if you are interested.


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