Oct 11 Fungi ID walk with Bryan By Tracy

The WoodNet fungi ID walk with Bryan Bullen was a fantastic day out! We most certainly will be doing that again.

Bryan is an excellent leader and full of interesting information on fungi and other related woodland topics.

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We had 17 people join us on the walk, which was in our woodland and surrounding area. I won’t even begin to name all the ones we found,  (there is a list if you want it!) but it was a fascinating walk. Bryan showed us many ID tips, including cutting the fungi open, looking at the gills, and which tree types the fungi was near. I thought the best find was a stinkhorn which really really stank!

We also tasted many of them – being careful to spit them out of course – and we were amazed at the chilli flavours one could taste in a fungi.

If you would like to know about the next ID walk, email me and let me know.



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