May 30 SWOG Meeting 19th July By Tracy

Plumpton College
Ditchling Rd, nr Lewis. BN7 3AE

9:45 am – 4:30pm

Coffee and pastries from 9:15am

Topics include:

Badgers by David Plummer (

Woodland Birds by Nigel Symes, RSPB Woodland Advisor

Woodland Management by Alan Sage (

50 people have signed up, not many places left!

Refreshments provided, please bring your own lunch and walking shoes.

Alan will give an outline on how to draw up a well balanced long term woodland management plan which includes all aspects of the woodland make up & its key uses. Some factors regarding contractors & wood markets will also be discussed as well as guidance for self-harvesting techniques. Whilst for some that may be enough, ensuring future regeneration of your woodland is vital knowledge & should never be overlooked. This will be followed up with an in depth Q&A session & open forum discussion to round off the day’s talks.

· Introduction

· Drawing Up A Woodland Management Plan

· Dealing With Contractors

· Wood Markets & Products

· Planning A Cut

· Ensuring Good Regeneration or Restocking


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