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On this Green Woodworking course, participants will learn the principles and advantages of working greenwood. Over the two days, participants will complete small projects such as stools, rolling pins, dibbers, tool handles etc. using traditional green woodworking techniques and tools.

Round wood ash will be cleaved into smaller parts using a froe. These pieces are then shaved and shaped using a draw-knife and side axe. Once shaped, various chisels will be used on the pole-lathe to finish the project.


By the end of the course participants should: (3 or 4 bullet points)

 Learn to use traditional green wood working tools.

 Understand the principles of green wood working.

 Select suitable raw materials.

 Create useable items from low grade coppice wood.

Tutor profile:

Chris Matthews has been working with trees and woodland for 20 years. He is a qualified arborist and has managed woodland to create timber products and for biodiversity. He has been making greenwood chairs for 7 years, having been taught by Mike Abbott.

For the past 3 years he has been running courses teaching green woodworking skills and chair making. He finds green woodworking so appealing because of its simplicity. It is an activity that cah be done in any garden or backyard with very simple tools, using very low value/ waste wood.

Residential, camping, yurt and tipi options available

Contact Raina: 01730 823166 [email protected]

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