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PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:56 pm
by fergus_presswell

I am a tutor at an alternative curriculum provision in Folkestone. We provide alternate educational opportunities and life skills to disengaged and disaffected students aged 14-16. I am interested in finding some woodland that I can use to visit with small groups of students, to carry out forest school activities such as campfire cooking ( I have completed the Earth Craft UK campfire management certificate). In return we would help with management of the woodland such as clearing deadfall / brambles, mending fencing etc whatever was required. Obviously we would like to only impact positively on the woods and would not cause any nuisance. I believe it would be extremely benificial to these students to gain such experience and gain environmental awareness.

I would be very grateful if anybody with woodland, within a 20-30mile (approx) radius of Folkestone that would be prepared to help could get in touch.

Many thanks in advance

Fergus Presswell

[email protected]

01303 851187

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:43 pm
by tracy

Hi Fergus

Welcome and I hope you find somewhere. Come along to one of our meetings when we have one in the area and get to know some owners. They will be listed in time, in the meetings section!

Best wishes


PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:48 pm
by Rob

Hi Fergus,

We have 1o3 acres of mixed woodland and 20 acres of fields between Canterbury and Ashford which we would be happy to talk to you about. Please look at our blog at for more information.

Best regards,