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Postby euroaceportchee » Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:43 am

Hi to all, I've been trying to gain permission to metal detect any land/woodland in or around my area of sittingbourne in kent but so far have had a resounding "no" so I've joined swog on the hope that there are some lovely land/woodland owners who would allow me permission to detect, I started this hobby only 2 months ago and absolutely fell in love with it not knowing how difficult it was to gain permission :( one of my friends allowed me to tag along for a day on land they had permission for and this was my first time out, on this day I had a bit of beginners luck and found half of a gold coin :D well this made me love this hobby even more, the coin was a gallo belgic type 2 stater which was one of the first coins ever in britain and this dates back to 150-50bc. I was absolutely amazed at the history of this coin, there are hundreds if not thousands of hoards of coins in kent alone still unfound, so today I'm asking for anyone who would allow me permission to detect their land/woodland and anything found, valuable or invaluable would get split on a 50/50 basis between myself and the land/woodland owner thank you to everyone who reads this post and I look forward to hearing a reply, thanks again and kind regards, tony
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