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Woodland Wanted for Solo/Small-Group Bushcraft

PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2014 9:12 pm
by The_Taffinch
Hi All,

I am wondering whether anyone has any woodland, preferably in the Bershire, Wiltshire or Oxfordshire area (but I am willing to travel further) that they would consider allowing me to use on an occasional basis for my bushcraft/outdoorsmanship hobby?

I’m a 40-year old Project Manager and keen outdoorsman with high respect for the countryside and the people who manage it. My activities would include overnight camping, cooking over a (small) campfire, light woodland foraging, and general self-sufficiency.

I can assure you that I would be very diligent in ensuring that my stay would have minimal impact on your woodland. I will leave the woodland tidy and undamaged, and I will be scrupulous in removing all rubbish. I would be happy to:

1. Meet with you in person or call you on the phone so that you can check that I am not the sort of person who will cause a mess or damage your property

2. Provide full verified contact and address details so that you can be assured that you can get in touch with me if there are any post/pre-stay problems. I can supply you with scanned household bills or ‘official’ communications to verify these details.

3. Provide full notice in advance of when I would like to visit the woodland

4. Send you GPS co-ordinates of the exact location that I visit so that you can either visit me when I am on-site or do a post-stay check.

5. Take and send you pre and post stay photos of the site so that you can check that I have tidied everything up and returned the camp area to its original state.

6. Provide you with my car registration number so that you would know that it is me and no-one else parked near your property

In addition, I could provide a suitable deposit as security against any problems, and I would be pleased to make a direct payment every time I camp, or carry out any site maintenance work at your direction.

If anyone can help me then I would be grateful if you could please PM me or post a reply.

Kind regards,