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Re: Woodland Wanted for Solo/Small-Group Bushcraft

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2014 7:07 pm
by oldclaypaws
Enough Pythoning, here's the final word;

We evicted from our drain. There were 10 Billion of us living in black hole, all of us members of Judean People's Front and very naughty boys. Each morning we had to get up 15 hours before we went to bed, donate our livers, then have breakfast of deadly salmon mousse and Chateau De Chasselas. Then after dying 'Grim Reaper would escort us (and our cars) to Pilates Palace, where we had to write 'Romani ite domum' 100 times on the wall as Knights shouted Ni! at us. Then we had to cross Andes by Frog, dressed as lumberjacks wearing suspenders and bras, while being pursued by the School Leopard and being served Watneys Red Barrel and Ilchester Cheese by Barcelonan waiter who kept saying 'Que?' Then we'd be crucified (we were lucky) for doing silly walks, finally exploding after eating a wafer thin mint.............. And you tell kids today and they just don't believe you.

Did someone say something about bushcraft?