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Old Tools - TAKEN

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:25 pm
by docsquid
I'm posting this message on behalf of Don Henderson, who e-mailed me as follows
Some years ago, I inherited my Grandfather's tool chest and carpentry tools. Not being of a particularly practical nature, I have never used them. The tools include several of the old wood planes of varying sizes, two files, two wood gauges, two braces (no bits!) and a spoke-shave.

We are in course of clearing out prior to moving house and I wondered whether any of your members might be interested in having these tools. I am happy to give the tool chest and contents away to anyone prepared to collect them. I live in Surrey, near Guildford.

Please note that the spoke-shave is already spoken-for, so to speak, but the rest are available. If you can PM me then I can put you in touch with Don. I do have some photos.