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Postby tracy » Fri Oct 03, 2008 2:51 pm

We have just begun to coppice again! We are working with Butterfly Conservation advice and have begun coppicing up along the rides to increase the light onto pathways and into the wood. We have started with the Birch and will move on to the Chestnut soon. We can already see more light coming up into the woods, amazing! Mike and I are trying hard to leave honey suckle on the trees and we know that those plants will really benefit from the sunshine- they prefer partial sun and partial shade apparently...!

The robin is loving the log piles in the clearing and is often just a couple of metres away from us. The pond is going well, lots of weed growing now, but the boar still seem to think it belongs to them and have made it quite messy!

So, what's happening in your wood right now?


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