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Postby Cassie » Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:41 pm

Just an update chaps, we started work on the woods on Sunday taking down 5 cubic meters until we can apply for a thinning license which we wont be able to do until Deed of partition is in place and we are sole owners of our 50%, concentrated on the area adjacent to our back garden as we want to create a glade, the neighbor next door turned into a banshee threatening my lumberjack taking pictures of him and called the police reporting it as criminal damage! police had to respond but realised it was civil & went away, what a horrible person she is and her brother is just as bad they are both compulsive liars.

My solicitor is writing to her solicitor stating we now need to take it to professional impartial mediation, he witnessed the oral agreement to divide the land 50/50 and will give evidence of this if necessary.........what a horrible person she is I don't know why a person of her age wants all this agro but she is and always has been a control FREAK!

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Postby steve rollnick » Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:36 pm

I had a shocking thought: what would happen if you somehow invited her to talk, and said you just wanted to understand how she feels about it all. And all you did was listen, not react. Perhaps you summarise as best you can what her concerns are, but offer no views or reaction whatsoever. She wont expect that. Offer to meet again if she would like this. Take a friend with ...

Sorry, it sounds like a daydream.......

I'm involved in a fairly similar situation, where conflict looks highly likely.... so maybe I am talking to myself here!

Good luck


steve rollnick
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Postby Exeldama » Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:03 pm

Well done... what an imbittered sounding old witch. Maybe you have some spare birch to make her a broom. Pleased for you... mediation etc thats the way keep it proffessional and firm all the way. Remember her reaction is her dont take it personally.

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