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Postby wrekin » Fri Apr 06, 2012 9:35 am

Scotland has a very different history of access, and has never had the same concept of trespass as England. Labour's "right to roam" law in Scotland merely formalised these rights and prohibited landowners from interfering with them without a good, short-term, reason.

However, they're having to row back on this with bylaws following abuses in the Loch Lomond national park created around the same time:

"Stringent new laws in one of Scotland’s tourism hot spots have brought a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour.

Loch Lomond’s status as an international tourism destination was being threatened by hordes of unruly young “wild campers”, who regularly left behind mounds of rubbish, abandoned tents and even burned-out vehicles. Some groups were even using chainsaws to cut down trees for firewood in what is a protected national park. ...

Anti-social behaviour has been a major and growing problem for the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Authority (NPA) since its inception nine years ago. The trend has been particularly pronounced on the loch’s eastern shores, where vandalism and other forms of anti-social behaviour became common in lochside communities such as Rowardennan and Balmaha. ...

Despite the apparent success, some park users are questioning the true effectiveness of the bylaws, pointing out that anti-social behaviour is moving to other areas of the park."

This year they're stepping up police patrols to try to enforce these bylaws: - Woods, huts, cabins, sheds, forestry
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Postby charcoal » Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:11 pm

The right to roam was I think severally eroded by the labour party in Scotland, before the law was mostly on the side of the individual, now it has swung the opposite way. Vandalism and 'anti social behaviour' has always been a problem, out of sight out of mind, bothies wrecked or burnt and litter dumped. I fail to see why the Loch lomond park officials or police don't visit the campers etc. while they are there, instead of arriving after they have left the cost in time and money will be much the same, most camping spots are know so it shouldn't be a problem.

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