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Postby greyman » Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:52 am

Well somebodies got to do it! Jep, we know "elf n safety takes all the fun out of life - well just ask J about how he views good working practices following his 'little' incident with petrol - see 'safety in woods'

Even if you are a big brave tree mangler and have been flailing about with chainsaws and other wonderful toys have a look at the link below and just read some of the case studies.

You might only own some 'amenity' (I so hate that word!) woods and only play around with the B&Q strimmer on the odd occasion but refueling of any petrol powered tool will present you with the possibility of fire, burns or explosion - check out the 'Chain saws at work' on the Working with chainsaws page. As J will vouche - I am sure - petrol goes with quite a satisfying 'whoompf' when ignited. If it has 2 stroke mixed in it also has a bit of a 'delaying'effect and is of course heavier than air so the fumes from your pouring of 'mix' into your chosen tool of destruction can travel a long way down hill - to that kelly kettle you've got on the bubble or the raging inferno of brambles you've been waiting to burn.

There is also lots of other good and useful information on these pages of the HSE with regards to all sorts of Forestry and woodland activities. Yes it is mainly aimed at forestry workers and contractors but the information can still apply to the weekend flailers like you and me. Apologies to any SWOGers who do earn a living from thier woods.

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