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Postby Lord&Lady » Tue May 05, 2015 2:00 pm

My name is Jane and I live in Kent with my husband Peter and our dog Beau. We got married in a private woodland (Syngate woods) almost 4 years ago and since then we have been camping with the owners permission, several times a year. In the time we spend there, we explore nature and enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors without having to speak in hushed voices or be woken at the crack of dawn by other campers. Most of the woodland has now been sold off so we have lost our sanctuary :-(

We are looking to find a new place to go, we have a tent, a van which is set up as a camper (if terrain allows its use) and several friends who enjoy sitting around a camp fire and immersing themselves and peaceful tranquility.

If you know of anyone in Kent or neighbouring counties who might be interested in allowing us to stay in their woodland for a night or two a few weekends a year, please could you pass my email address onto them. We had been giving the lady who owned Syngate woods £10 per person per night to stay, and there's usually 4-6 of us (plus our dog). We are very respectful, never leave any sign that we've been there and know how to keep a campfire safe.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this,
Stay Happy,
Jane x
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