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FREE BOOK - if you review it for us!

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FREE BOOK - if you review it for us!

Postby tracy » Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:28 am

Anyone want to read a book about Scottish Hazel?

'Atlantic hazel - Scotland's Special Woodlands' by Sandy and Brian Coppins, the book identifies important stands, gives advice on managing them appropriately. It is written by Sandy and Brian Coppins on behalf of the Atlantic Hazel Action Group (AHAG), with funding from ScottishNatural Heritage, Argyll& the Islands EU Leader Programme and the British Lichen Society. It includes a foreword by George Peterken, introductory chapters on the history and ecology of the habitat, as well as on hazel itself. Further chapters are on the biodiversity of hazel woods, their dynamics, and management advice.

You can have a free copy if you read it and write a review for swog!

Let me know if you are interested

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