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Our TPO changing from group of trees to woodland

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Our TPO changing from group of trees to woodland

Postby Peony » Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:54 pm

The TPO on our garden is being changed from covering a group of trees (well two in our case) to that of woodland. I'm not sure whether I need to raise objections/appeal...

I don't have an issue as such with that but it has got me a bit worried that there might be more paperwork (council and forestry commission) and different conditions (or both conditions simultaneously) that would have an impact on us maintaining our garden. Our plot size is around 0.75 acres with I guess a third to half is covered in trees. This joins up with groups of trees in other gardens maybe totally 10 acres in total (it's not a nice box shape so I might be out with this). In my mind woodland needs more maintenance (and money thrown at it) than just trees.

Am I right in understanding that we wouldn't need a felling license if we are only cutting down 5m3 on our little bit? Thankfully we did a lot of tree work a few years ago but there is still a couple of trees that we have work planned for and I don't really want to be having to pay extra just for the hell of it to be honest. The trees haven't changed, just the designation of them.

What about planning permission for sheds and the like in 'woodland' versus garden or is there no difference?

Reassurance that everything will be okay is needed :? I may be back with more queries about my new wood!
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Re: Our TPO changing from group of trees to woodland

Postby smojo » Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:08 pm

If there's a TPO on the whole woodland you need a thinning licence from the FC or get planning permission from your local council to cut any live trees including saplings.
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