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Thanks go to David Hunter   of  The Coppiceplot in  Pembrokeshire for  bringing to our attention the courses held at Coppicewood College.  Mention you’re  a member of SWOG if you book up  and they will give a 5% discount off their regular price.

Coppice course

‘Coppicewood College promotes, supports sustainable woodland management and runs courses using traditional methods and tools. These affordable courses cover all aspects of coppice practice, hedgelaying and coppice craft in our own woodland in Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Coppicewood College has a variety of exciting courses on this year:

Woodland Skills (6 months – part time)

This is a unique opportunity for hands-on learning, which spans the entire coppice season. Not quite the apprenticeships of old, but nevertheless a comprehensive insight into the traditional craft of coppice work.  For more information on the course and to apply for a place please go to the website.

Green Woodworking

This is a craft course which demonstrates how to use green wood rather than timber bought from the sawmill. You will learn how to split and shape green wood using hand tools, a cleaving break and a shave horse. The understanding of the basic skills can then lead to simple furniture making or producing your own gate or carving a spoon. The mysteries of traditional craft work can be revealed in this course. Duration 4 days,

Starting: Mon August 11th, Fee: £180

An Introduction to Coppicing

This course will introduce you to the skills needed, to take a neglected broad-leaf woodland and transform it into a productive coppice with wildlife benefits. Our tutors will demonstrate how to cut a coppice plot safely using appropriate hand tools. You will also learn to identify different tree species and understand their value. Coppicing is the sustainable way to get our needs from wood so join us and learn how.

Duration: 4 days Starting: October 2014 Fee: £180


If you have neglected hedges on your land, or just want to aquire the knowledge and skills in this ancient craft? Then join us to learn how to make them stockproof and more beneficial to wildlife. We will teach you traditional hedgelaying using hand tools. Learn how to use a bill hook – the iron age tool that is still the best for the job today.

Duration: 4 days Mon Feb 2015, Fee: £180

Spoon Carving

Spend a day sat in our fantastic coppice woodland chatting and carving a spoon. Our instructor will give you step by step instruction on turning a piece of branch wood into a functional spoon that can be used for cooking, eating, serving – the choice is yours. You will learn various techniques of shaping the wood including axe work and knife cuts. Once you’ve made 1 spoon you won’t want to stop.

Duration:  1 day, Starts: Sat July 26th, Fee: £35

Hedgelaying Spoon carving Greenwoodwork


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