Apr 12 Kent Woodfuel Project By Tracy

A couple of weeks ago I went along to a Kent Woodfuel project day.

This was the launch of a new project to get woodfuel in Kent motoring along!  It was a fabulous day, mostly because we went along to the Torry Hill Farm to see all the brilliant work going on there. The meeting part in the morning was all interesting too, but actually seeing some of the work in action if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link75″).style.display=”none”;} makes it more meaningful. So, here are LOTS of photos!

Beautifully cut coppice, look how neat!

Produce made from every part of the tree, even the branches are used as faggots to strengthen river banks. They have to provide thousands of these.

A lot of this is driven over to Europe. I wonder how much we import? Hm….

Watching the woodchipper at work.

A mountain of woodchip – excellent quality and the moisture carefully measured.

Look, a clump of foresters! 😉

Making palings. I have only ever seen Toby and Ali doing this by hand, so it was interesting to see the machines in operation.

The guys are so so skilled! They work at top speed.

For those who know… this is the woodchip boiler thing that heats the farm!


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