Apr 20 PAWS Restoration Workshop – Joint Meeting with The Woodland Trust By Rich

Early April was an excellent time to hold a joint SWOG and  Woodland Trust, PAWS (plantation on ancient woodland sites) restoration workshop.  The spring flowers were in abundance and the weather perfect for the meeting held at  Rogley Wood in the High Weald AONB.  It was attended by owners of the wood as well as other  SWOG and Woodland Trust members.

Many thanks go to Jim Smith Wright and his volunteer, Daniel, at the Woodland Trust for bringing their expertise to the group and covering the subject so thoroughly.  Thanks also go to Tim Saunders of the Forestry Commission who talked about management plans, grants and licenses and to all the owners at Rogley who welcomed the group into their woods.

Please contact Jim directly if you would like any more advice on restoring or suveying your PAWS woodland.

[email protected]

A small selection of photographs from the day


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