Mar 27 Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant By Rich

Here is the latest News Release from the Forestry Commission, including a handy link to the ’10 easy steps to apply for a Woodfuel WIG’ available from Ngage who administer the grant.

Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grants (Woodfuel WIG) can vastly improve the conditions and profitability of a woodland, but only if owners and agents know how to make the most of the grant scheme.

The Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant is administered by Ngage Solutions on behalf of the Forestry Commission in three particular regions of the UK: Cumbria, the South West region and the South East. There are funds available for building roads and other infrastructure, as well as for getting professional help to bring neglected woods back into management. If you are thinking this grant could help you, then a new series of videos developed by Woodfuel WIG Project Manager, Mike Furness could get you started.

The ’10 easy steps to apply for a Woodfuel WIG’ can be viewed on the Ngage YouTube Channel.  The videos explain everything you need to know about Woodfuel WIG, with helpful information on the eligibility criteria, filling out an application form, getting planning permission, and claiming the grant.

Mike speaks knowledgably about the scheme, having helped guide many landowners through the process, and he is just a phone call away from helping you to maximise your woodland’s potential.

Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grants support the sustainable production of woodfuel and other timber products and can cover 60% of the total cost of any approved work. This could be measuring and marking timber for felling or creating new access routes in order to extract hard-to-reach timber.

£6.3 million of enquires have been received for the grant, with an average grant size of £36,000.   The scheme is now into its final year; meaning time is running out to make an application. Applications must be received by October 2013.

So don’t delay! If you have a plan in mind for your woodland area and need to get it down on paper, watch Mike explain exactly what to do next and then put his advice into practice to claim your grant.

You can also call Mike  directly  on 01494 568970 or email


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