Jul 19 Woodland Insurance By Tracy

Finding the right kind of insurance for family woodlands has proven to be rather difficult. Thanks to Toby, who put us in touch with Beech Tree Insurance, we now finally have some more options. We now have the option to insure friends and family who are helping us in our woods, at a reasonable price.

You can take out only public liability, you can insure those who do some work with you,  (including friends and family) you can insure courses, tree surgery, coppice work and tools. Anything you like. Each policy is tailored for the individual. The price may vary if you have a pond, or a public footpath through your land – but from what we can see, Gary Alexander keeps his insurance policy prices realistic.

Here is some of his blurb:

Public and Products Liability of £5m
Cover for injury to others or damage to their property (excluding fellow workers); Products Liability, given free, insures you in the event that something you produce, eg, firewood, is itself alleged to have caused a problem.
Employer’s Liability to cover all but the actual owner/policyholder for any injury or damage to their property whilst they work for or with you – £10m
This is an important cover, given free; anyone helping you and over whom you give “controlling directions” is in law your employee. If they are injured, the claim would be brought under Employer’s Liability, not Public Liability. Without EL cover, you would have to fight the allegation on your own, even if it was completely spurious.
Optional cover for equipment and buildings, eg, sheds: the price will depend upon total value, no breakdown of that value is required. Includes whilst in use.
Liability: the first £250 of each claim for damage to others’ property; no excess for injury claims; remember that all claimants must prove negligence against you before their claim can succeed
Use of power tools is accepted, including chainsaws, usually with appropriate training, but we do recognise years of experience in place of qualifications.
Ponds, rivers and other features such as wells and mine shafts are acceptable, but all circumstances are individually underwritten and advice given.
Plus, if the wood is used for public events such as tours, concerts and so on, we will work this into the quotation too.
The idea is that each premium will be worked out based upon each owner’s circumstances, whilst keeping these additional factors to a minimum. That way, those who have higher risk factors will have a slightly increased premium.
All quotes will be based upon the info given in the proposal form or directly to me by email if the form can’t be completed at that time.
Indication of premium? On average, for Liabilities, of around £155.00 for a year’s cover.
The Premium will depend upon a range of factors, such as whether the land is for private recreation for family and friends or whether it’s for a greater range of activities, ranging from coppicing and craftwork through to organized ventures such as forest schools; all are fine under the scheme but we will happily give you advice on how to run your activities safely.
Insurer: Lloyd’s of London. We are Underwriters for a Lloyd’s Syndicate, so you are dealing direct and can contact us at any time, including out of hours, for advice or a change to your cover.

Contact Gary to get an up to date proposal form here:



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