Jun 14 Update – Woodland Management and tree ID, Malvern, 11th July 2010 By Tracy

Phil from Malvern coppicing will lead a day in the woodland in Worcs.

A walk and chat about woodland management, rides and tree ID. Many members have been on Phil’s courses and thoroughly enjoyed them!

Ravenshill wood is a 100 acre woodland and is a mixture of Ancient semi natural woodland with  a number of compartments of conifers such as Larch, Corsican Pine, Norway Spruce and more.
It has a variety of habitats.  Approximately 50% of the wood is a privately owned Nature Reserve.
The meeting will start at 10pm.  In the morning we will tour the wood and look at the work that has taken place in the past.  Lunch will be cooked on a camp fire by Rae and Linda for which there is a voluntary £5 donation. If you prefer you can bring along a packed lunch.  After lunch, local naturalist, Dr Simon Roberts who is the local butterfly recorder and leader of the Malvern Hills Pied Flycatcher project will be leading a session on tree ID.  The meeting will probably finish between 3.30pm and 4pm. Strong footwear is required as the wood is often muddy, even in the summer.

Ravenshill  Reserve  is  roughly mid way between Worcester and Malvern.  Detailed instructions will be sent out nearer the time, please email   Tracy if you would like to come along.


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