Nov 18 Adding value to woodland products – by Woodtroll By Tracy

I thought I would share some pictures of some work I have done for a client. A cherry banister and an oak ladder. All the wood was taken from her own woodland.

The banisters are from a single cherry and the spindles are cleft from the same tree. The top rail is a complete log that I made a lengthwise incision to almost half its depth with the chainsaw as soon as it was felled. This was to stop it splitting elsewhere. This slot was then used to house the spindles. The base rail was a log cut in half using my Alaskan mill. The final product is bolted to the floor through the spindle holes.

All the parts were smoothed down with a spoke shave then sanded. After it was assembled boiled linseed oil was applied. Finally it will get a beeswax polish.

The oak ladder is also from a single tree. This first picture shows the ladder when it was first assembled (this side has the best grain pattern but is now unfortunately against the wall).

This shows a close up of the grain and the detail of how it is held together. The treads are into standard mortises except for three that are through tenons that will have a wedge driven in when the ladder is finally in place.

This is a handhold at the top of the ladder to be held onto as people get on or off the ladder.

The ladder finally in order levitra canada position….

And from above……

Finally a detail at the bottom showing how I have used the natural splay of the tree to create a visual foot to the ladder. The through tenons has been wedged. The whole piece was sanded and Osmo Wax applied. The client is very happy!

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