Oct 22 Coppice harvesting efficiency – part 2 By Tracy

Chainsaws can be pretty heavy tools and, as with any tool, if we use it incorrectly we can end up with very sore backs and arms. As I mentioned in the Part 1 – the most important thing we learned on this course was how to bench a log and land trees on it. Here are some pictures of Mike using a bench to land the tree,

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Using the improved height to sned the tree more easily

and easily dragging the log onto the logpile (well, more easily anyway!)

I learned more technical cuts than I had on my first course, this one was a split level cut which is very useful to aid the direction of a falling tree.

(Yet another reason why a course is useful!)

I learned that Sycamore wood is not as strong as Chestnut – it has shorter fibres. This needs to be taken into account when felling as it will affect the use of the hinge.

In Part 3 I will tell you more about winches and ropes!

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