Jul 26 Made from Wood from the Wood By Rich

I’ve been quite aware that a lot of my woodland craft products have been reaching a stage of functionality which will just about do, then pressure of time and other projects seem to move into my field of vision and take over. An example of this is the composting loo I built last year. It was functioning fairly well, getting on with its composting very nicely thank you. It didn’t have a toilet seat, a coat peg or a bolt on the door, actually it didn’t have a door until just recently, but it’s been working pretty well up until now.Anyway what spurred me into action was a succession of visitors planned for the summer, there would need to be upgrades and refinements!

IMAG1311One of the things which I always try to avoid is taking a lot of man made clutter into the wood with me. You’re always going to have to take some things which can’t be crafted in situ, a Land Rover immediately springs to mind, but I find it very satisfying making useful everyday objects from the resources I find around me. Made from wood from the wood.

Here’s a few refinements for the loo

The seat has actually now got a lid, just awaiting a suitable piece of wood to make a hinge from.

You may find┬ámore inspiration from Dick Proenneke’s film Alone in the Wilderness. Dick spent 30 years in the Alaskan Wilderness, surviving on what nature could provide and crafting his cabin with amazing skill and resourcefulness from local materials.

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