Dec 20 Training workshops from the Oxfordshire Woodland Project By Rich

David Rees, the Oxfordshire Woodland Project manager  has sent us news of  their training workshops, If anyone is interested please get in touch with him directly and let us know how the day went.  It’s always good to get feedback from members on any courses or events that you attend.

Training workshops from the Oxfordshire Woodland Project

Few of us have the privilege of learning about woodlands as children, so it takes place in adulthood in a piecemeal sort of a way.  We may struggle to make sense of apparently paradoxical information which can only make sense in a wider context.  We may find it all the more complicated by coming at woodlands from the conservation direction and later, the sustainability direction.  Unless you are lucky enough to shadow someone with experience your best option would be to attend one of the many woodland training workshops offered across the country.  The Oxfordshire Woodland Project workshops focus on particular skills but we try hard to set them firmly into context so that you can more easily connect the skill with the underlying woodland processes.  Practical skills are important but so is the wider appreciation of how woodland systems work, interact and reconcile with one another.   Believe me, it does all fall into place, more or less!

We also offer small groups a bespoke training experience, either in their own woodland or at one of the Project’s chosen locations.  Such tailored events can be very productive because the training can be tailored not just to the requirements of the attendees but also to the peculiarities of their home wood.  I deliver all workshops personally and make it my business to improve your skill set and widen your woodland perspective.  Do take a look at our winter programme and feel free to ask me about bespoke workshops!

David Rees BSc MICFor

Oxfordshire Woodland Project Manager

01865 815427



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