Nov 17 Heather and Rod's wood By Tracy

Mike and I enjoyed a walk around Heather and Rod’s wood last Sunday. What a wonderful and varied woodland they have!

Rod and Heather have some coppice, some chestnut, some hazel, ash, and an area of douglas fir and western hemlock. Their wood has excavations and a wonderful pond at the bottom of it! They have had David Brown from the SE Archaeology forum visit their wood and he has been looking into what might have been dug out from here. If you have interesting archaeology in your woodland, please get in touch with us, we can help you to find out more about it.

I love the fact that trees can have wonderful and bizarre growth patterns!

…and we saw evidence of woodpeckers, chomping away at the dead wood…

Heather is very interested to find out more about fungi on dead wood, and hopes to have Bryan visit to tell her more!  Let us know if you would like to come along too!

..and of course, we had a fabulous cuppa made on Rod’s ingenious stove!

We had a really interesting day discussing all the different management options and difficulties.

Do we rake leaves out of ponds? Should the trees around the woodland ponds be coppiced to let light in, or are they meant to be dark? How big an area is it good to coppice at once? Small patches, or larger? Do we cut in different places, or keep the cants next to one another? Do we need to coppice at all? What do you do with overstood hazel…. and this is just the beginning. If you have any wisdom about these issues, or more questions, use the forum to discuss, or write and tell me what you have been doing.

Then, back to the squirrels. I know this is a never ending debate. Heather is devastated that nearly all of her young oak trees have been killed by the squirrels…

We would all love to read more about SWOG woods, please do send me some photos and we can put them up.


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