Oct 17 Native Hands courses By Rich

Native hands still have a few places on their Autumn Schedule.  see details below.

sat 22nd oct: hedgerow foraging at Wowo
sat 19th nov: acorn day
Our days run from 10.30am – 4.30pm and all are suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience.
Please scroll down for more detailed info about the course contents and prices, and If you’d like to book a place just let us know.
If you’d like to book on the days at Wowo please contact them directly www.wowo.co.uk
Our facebook page is a great place to see photos and keep up to date with what’s happening. Just click on this link:
We look forward to seeing you,
warm wishes

hedgerow basketry (reed mace) at Wowo (with Ruby Taylor): make a small twined basket out of reed mace (sometimes called bulrush) from plants we’ve harvested from the land at Wowo. Learn how to add a cordage handle and also how to harvest and prepare the material yourself. There’ll be time to connect with the beautiful surroundings, making the day a nourishing as well as a learning experience. Max 8 participants, cost £45. Bookings taken by Wowo directly. Contact them via their website: www.wowo.co.uk

foraging hedgerow medecine at Wowo (with Anna Richardson): autumn is abundant with wild produce. Discover some of the old ways of working with our native plants for food, medicine and other practical uses. In the morning we’ll walk through the landscape gathering seasonally available plants for these purposes, then spend the afternoon preparing and making things round the fire. Cost £35. Bookings taken by Wowo directly. Contact them via their website: www.wowo.co.uk

acorn day (with Anna Richardson): we’ll gather acorns from the woods and go through the different processes to make them into a good food. Learn a range of culinary uses and recipes and how to store acorns for the year ahead. Acorns are a highly nutritious and widely available wild food, valued by indigenous peoples throughout the world. Here, the oak is at the heart of this land, so eating from the tree is a connecting experience. Max 8 participants, cost £40

Anna has extensive knowledge and experience of native wild plants. Her self-taught research led to a year-long bushcraft/survival training. She also trained in Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan and since 2003 has been mentored by archaeo-botanist Professor Gordon Hillman. She runs courses for adults at Sussex University and is also a facilitator with Art of Mentoring UK, based on the teachings of Jon Young

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