Dec 14 SWOG meeting, Rusper By Tracy

Our meeting in December was a bit of a gamble with the weather, but we had a stunningly beautiful winter day in a gorgeous woodland.

Many thanks to the Sussex Wildlife team and to David Plummer for hosting our day.

As always, SWOG events start with a cup of tea. Very important part of the day. Tom, from Forest Schools, was in charge of kettles and fires and cooking and he did a superb job. We were fascinated to see how this strange looking fire would work! (it did)

Kevin led us on a walk around their woodland, which they lease from as part of the community woodland scheme. We talked about creating woodland glades and rides and how to let more light into the woods. Kevin has written a little about this on the woodlands blogs.

We then returned, with rather cold feet, to the camp area where Tom had cooked us lunch. Wow, what a treat!

We then trecked off to see Robin’s wood and his house of sticks…and a very different part of the woodland…

followed by a visit to David’s wood. David runs photography courses in his woodland and it was brilliant to see all the things he does there to encourage the birds and other wildlife. I am very jealous of his large Wild Service tree!

His robins are so tame that Mike was able to get great photos as it came so close.

He also showed us the high tech facilities Рand we have since decided to hold a SWOG toilet competition.  More to follow!

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