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Postby tracy » Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:46 pm

There are loads of useful contacts in Wales, I hope this is a good place to list them!

Managing woodlands in Wales

In Wales, woodland advisors work with woodland owners and the Forestry Commission. There are a number of advisors- (management planners, who are often chartered foresters,) around the country who are happy to do woodland visits and to talk with woodland owners about their management plans and their woodland. These plans could be very varied, including managing woodland for timber, thinning plantation woodlands, restoring ancient woodland sites and managing woods for biodiversity. There is no charge for this advice. The woodland advisors also help with filling in grant applications and other paperwork.

Coed Cymru

Simon writes: Coed Cymru promotes the management and expansion of native woodlands in Wales, so our aims are also in common with yours. Officers are based at Local Authorities and carry out work within the authorities to support their targets. We also provide a free advisory service to woodland owners on management and grant aid. We are all 'Management Planners' under the Better Woodlands for Wales scheme operated by Forestry Commission Wales. I work in Powys. If any of your members in Powys would like assistance with advice or pursuing grant aid for work, you are most welcome to get in touch.

Simon Ayres

Coed Cymru Powys

Ian Writes: I might add that our main role at Coed Cymru is to protect, and bring back into production where appropriate, through sensitive holistic management, the native woodlands of Wales, in addition to expanding native woodland cover to assist the linking of habitats throughout Wales. We are based with every local authority in Wales, and provide a free advisory, planning, and facilitation service to all woodland owners, whether they be private or public. We also advise and assist in the marketing of woodland produce, timber or non – timber, and it’s added value potential, and will organise the implementation of silvicultural operations as necessary. In short, we will make it as easy as possible for a woodland owner to give long term commitment to the sustainable management of their woodland. Coed Cymru have been instrumental in restoring native woodlands in Wales since 1985. On that note I will invite any woodland owners in my working area of Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan to contact me for any advice or assistance required, either now or in the future. Contact tel. no. [07976] 112345.

[email protected]

I have been in touch with biodiversity partnerships too, and many have already offered their support.

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

If you have any owners that would like some advice I am happy to help.

Claire Pooley


[email protected]


Bryn writes: I work as the Biodiversity Officer for Gwynedd Council, and if any of your small woodland owners would like any advice on management etc in this area then they're welcome to contact me or one of my colleagues.

[email protected]


Bethan says: If you know of woodland owners in Pembrokeshire who'd like to join our woodland forum that'd be great. It's a fairly informal group, we meet twice a year at a woodland, have a walk round the site discussing management issues & then a round table meeting after where we discuss management issues linked with that site & any other recent developments e.g. Wales Woodland Strategy was discussed at the last meeting.

The group is co-ordinated by myself and Celia Thomas from Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

[email protected]

Biodiversity officer

Vale of Glamorgan

Richard May, who is an ecologist for the biodiversity group in the Vale of Glamorgan is happy to have any woodland owners contact him, who would like to know more about the local biodiversity action plan, or would like to receive their newsletter.

You can contact him directly:

[email protected]


Isobel writes: The Carmarthenshire Biodiversity partnership would be very keen to make links with the Small Woodland Owners Group and would be happy to send out our newsletter to any member in Carmarthenshire and receive information to distribute from SWOG.

Isabel Macho

Biodiversity officer

[email protected]


Aditee writes: My job is to protect and promote biodiversity within the Bridgend County Borough including running the Bridgend Biodiversity Partnership, revising the Local Authority Action Plan, running projects, organising events for celebration of the International Biodiversity day (May 22) and also Wales Biodiversity Week (June) etc. etc... For this, as you can imagine, I will need all the help I can get from the residents of Bridgend County Borough.

I am happy to be contacted by woodland owners and I will try my best to provide the assistance and/or information required.

Also, I think, it would be great if the woodland owners got involved with our work; the Bridgend Biodiversity Partnership provides an opportunity for such an activity.

[email protected]

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Postby Dennis » Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:25 pm

If you also happen to be an SWA member in/near N Wales you should find that Rod Waterfield of Bodfari Charcoal / Woodland Skills Centre will do a free visit for SWA members. Check it with him. (He is a trustee of SWA.) Google on "Bodfari Charcoal" for the website.

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Postby tracy » Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:59 am

Anyone like to be our representative on a biodiversity partnership? Please contact me if you are interested.

Invitation to join the Bridgend Biodiversity Partnership

Aditee says: "I would like to invite you, or another nominated representative from Small Woodlands Group, to join the Bridgend Biodiversity Partnership (BBP).

The BBP was established in 1998 to assist with the production of a Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) for Bridgend County Borough. The aim of the LBAP is to collate management plans and strategies for the protection, maintenance and restoration of the habitats and species of the area.

The very first LBAP for Bridgend County Borough was officially launched in 2002. Currently this document is being reviewed and work is being undertaken towards the production of a revised LBAP for Bridgend County Borough according to the new regulations. The outputs of the review will be published via an online centralised ( Wales) database – Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS).

The BBP meets quarterly and though there is a nominated Chairperson and Secretary, the meetings are always informal and tend to last for approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.

The next meeting of the Bridgend Biodiversity Partnership is scheduled to be held on Friday 3rd of July, commencing at 13:30hrs at the Kenfig Nature Reserve Centre.

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