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have you put up deer fence?

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have you put up deer fence?

Postby paul » Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:37 pm

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have any readers put up a deer fence to protect your wood? (either yourself or by professionals)?

We're going to put up a deer fence around a section of our wood as an experiment, to see if we can help it regenerate. (At the moment heavy browsing by deer is preventing regeneration, so the wood is slowly dying.)

We're planning to use polypropene mesh (e.g Tenax). In many places we will be able to use tree trunks as uprights, but we will need to insert quite a few fence posts too. And of course we will need to make a gate, so we can get in and out. The experimental fence will have a perimeter 150 metres long, so not very big to start with. If it's a success, we'll do more.

Does anyone have experience of doing this as a DIY job? was it difficult? where is a good place to buy the mesh and wire? (we're in Hants near Southampton)

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