Dec 06 Coppicing survey – by Debbie By Tracy

Coppicing is a traditional and sustainable way of managing woodland.  Trees are cut down to ground level and then grow up with several stems.  The process can be repeated indefinitely, the time between cutting depending on type of tree and intended use.   Many different plants and animals – from butterflies to dormice – benefit from the increased light levels and shrubby re-growth that result from coppicing.

We need to know how much coppice is cut and where it is happening in order to target research, raise awareness of the industry and increase support for local coppice products.

The previous survey, carried out between 2000 and 2003 helped attract funding to support the industry, increasing woodland management and benefiting woodland wildlife.  It is now being repeated.
If you have done some coppicing, please fill in the attached forms and email to Debbie, or post it, thanks!

Coppice form 08/09

Coppice form 09/10

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